Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I feel like a priest
In a fish and chip queue
Quietly thinking
As the vinegar runs through
How nice it would be
To buy supper for two

Roger McGough


Anonymous said...

i loved the sequence of the words
saying something..then jumping to something else has some relation with the sentence before ,it captures the senses and makes u alert with what is being said
thank u for sharing such wisedom impressive words with us here:-)

blackcairorose said...

The meanings are simple and common yet they consequently and step by step lead to a big issue: lonliness. This is the ideal sort of poetry in my opinion that takes trifle and unsophiosticated images to reach higher level of emotions.

Oneday I will post in the blog my humble poetic attempts..

Thanks agenda for your continous encouraging words.

Anonymous said...

Thank u blackcairorose for the words and the explaination.
i will sure be looking forward to you attempts at writing poetry and im sure before reading them that they got somehing special about them so plz dont make me wait for so long
u r most welcome always my dear ,i admire your blog and your writings and selections always so i should be the one thanking u for giving me this wonderful opportunity of being an always visitor here and thank u for making me feel at ease:-)))))