Wednesday, November 19, 2008

حكمة اليوم وكل يوم

All the power in any relationship lies in the hands of the person who cares least.


karakib said...

this is true :)

Sherif said...

This is damn right.

Because the more you care, the more you are submissive.

سمـــــــــــا said...

this is true and i like this either :

You don't love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear

انا حره said...


يمكن برده

انا مش عارفه بصراحه

Anonymous said...

مرحبا روز
أتابعك من الصيف , وسعيدة جدا بقرائتك
تكتبين ببساطة و أشعر أنك صديقتي و أعرفك من سنوات .
لا أدري ربما هذا ما يسمى التجاذب الروحي أو أنها فقط سلاستك الفائقة :)
خصوصا أن التجاذب الروحي من طرف واحد فقط وهو طرفي بالطبع :)

بالتوفيق يا عزيزتي روز
و استمري أرجوك .

عدى النهار said...

الحالة دي ممكن تسميتها أي شىء غير علاقة

Anonymous said...

hey there;
i totaly agree even my gf alway tellin me that i dont care about her and that she loves me more and yes i believe that i lead or a control
and let me 2 tell u something i belive
love is a big fat lie so i dont believe in love,friends or anything i just believe in god and family anything else is shit with bad smell in my life
thanks ya rose

مياسي said...

I totally agree,let us agree on that no two persons in a relationship can have the same degree of care, there will be always someone who in control more, God helps the other one:-S

santanas said...

first comment to your blog and that is because i know that these words worth to say it is totally right

Desert cat said...

Must be the right person in the right place

مثلية تبحث عن ذاتها said...

اول مره اخد بالي فعلا حكمه جديده

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think this is true,rose

in my opinion any relationship has to be cared about by both parties
u cant always give and the other person always take and the net result be a successful relationship
cause the person always giving sure will get to a point when he get bored or get tired

Anonymous said...

هذه دعوة للمبالاة
فعلا احسن حاجة فى مجتمعنا اننا نقضيها طراوةو ياكش تولع

karakib said...

انا عايز ايميلك لو ينفع .. ايميلي في البروفايل بتاعي

Anonymous said...

للأسف صح